Messianic Lamb Radiois a great place to hear Messianic music as well as teachings, daily prayers, and news. Tune in on Friday nights at 6pm Central Time to hear The Good Report broadcast.

Hebrew Nation Radio

Messianic Lamb Radio

Hebrew Nation Radiobroadcasts many other news watchmen as well as music, teachings, and more. Tune in to Hebrew Nation Radio Saturdays at 12:00am or Sundays at 9:00am or 9:30pm Pacific Time to hear The Good Report broadcast.

The Good Report is a podcast about bringing the good news to the world. Named for the good report of the land of Canaan brought to Moses by Joshua and Caleb, The Good Report focuses on seeing what God is doing in this day in age and conquering the giants in our lives through faith in Jesus Christ. 

News, through the lens of hope.

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